We Revise

Revision is an interesting service.

You can call it editing, proofing or vetting but we still do it. You need the right sentence, the best choice of words? Yes, we can.

Checking for typos, spelling and punctuation? Of course; that’s our starting point. You require an actual revision of two texts? Yes, we do that. You also need help with your layout and finishing touches? We do that also.

Send us your text (Word or PowerPoint format preferred) and your specifics (need, time frame and what’s important to you) and we’ll quickly supply you with a French or English Revision quote. Remember that we are not called the HawkEye for nothing!

Get the seal

Our sharp-eyed service club is free to join – no monthly fees, only efficient service with a smile!

Any and all content that we translate, revise or write for you is certified with our “HawkEye Seal of Quality” stamp. Insist on the quality you require and get your certification stamp today!

Our clients say

“I solicited Gerard Belanger’s services for my training and coaching projects. I noticed Gerard’s professionalism, whether it was with his writing, his revision or his translation.

Furthermore, he has a great capacity for grasping the underlying dimensions and “thought” of the text, which is much more than technical writing or editing. His profound understanding of the English and French languages opens up a range of colourful options.

So, whether it be for grasping the whole of your message or the details in the structure of your texts, he senses one just as much as the other.

As the saying goes: “I don’t rack my brains!” I hand over my texts to him and I sleep soundly.”

~ Jean Boisvert // www.pax-action.com