Featured Company

The following is a conversation that Gerard had with Ms. Monique Pambrun of BizBuzzMag and provides insight into the company.

Hello Gerard! Since you have come to visit our “Featured Company” column, let’s look a little further into your detailed activities.

Q: What motivated you to start your own company?

A: It is often said that interest rises as you go. My interest was already up because I’ve always had a certain passion for things well done and well said; furthermore, my past experiences at working for myself and for others were clearly pushing me back to entrepreneurship. But what gelled over a period of time was my awareness of what I could really bring to others: helping them reach their objectives by an enhanced impact on their clientele. A clear and well-formulated communication will necessarily influence our relations with others.

Q: Let’s hear about HawkEye Service Club!

A: I could talk at length about it but suffice it to say, I believe, that it’s about a group offering language services, touching upon many fields, structured mostly virtually, working with many subcontractors and truly offering an unequalled service: quality and respect for clientele as well as commitments are essential. The word “Service” in the company name is not a hollow one.

Q: What are those services, exactly?

A: HawkEye Service Club’s main services are in regards to language, as previously mentioned: creative and business writing, translation and text revision (including editing and proofing). One of the group’s strength is to offer all these services in both French and English, in an impeccable manner, with a near-obsessive concern: hence the HawkEye. These same services are also available in other languages.

In more detail, this means that we can write for the arts and the movie industry just as well as write for business purposes with web site content, promotional material, social media summaries, user manuals and then some. We frequently translate and revise for the technological fields, the financial, legal, arts and business fields. And our partners have all the required expertise for the other possible fields.

Q: Thank you! Would you like to add anything else?

A: I keep repeating to people that they have but one chance to make a good first impression. And whether we like it or not, it counts a lot. As an entrepreneur, business person and company, we must seize all chances for scoring points. We have enough risks to manage; we needn’t take on those that aren’t necessary. Impeccable content will set you apart. For piercing results, contact the HawkEye!