We Translate

Translation is a straightforward process

You have a need and a time frame; we need to see your text or at least a sample of it (Word or PowerPoint format preferred) and we need to know about your time frame. We can then send you a quick quote for that French and English Translator you are looking for.

Yes, you also have a budget; everybody does!

But do not compromise on the quality you require; that is something your image and the ensuing impact cannot afford.

What kind of translation?

You are probably in one of two groups: you require very strict translation or you want the meaning coming across with the right flow. Legal and banking, for instance, require strict translation. Every word counts. Arts and general business, for example, are looking for flow. We need to know where you stand.

While we’re on the subject, why don’t you tell us what you or your business thinks on this? E-mail us your opinions on French and English translation and we’ll publish the most pertinent ones in our blog, with your permission only.

Our specialties

Our team covers a broad spectrum of fields and we most likely can translate your content. Some of the fields we regularly handle and like are anything technical, business, arts, financial and legal. Submit to us your French and English translation needs and we will quickly confirm the possibilities.

Other languages translated

We often have requests for different combination of languages to be translated and we have a number of specialists who handle quite a few. Send us your specific language request and we’ll tell you what we can do.

Our work

Here are some sites you may wish to peruse that will give you an idea of what can be done. It’s the easiest way to get a good idea about results.

French translation
Smiling Surface: www.smilingsurface.com
Babouras Inspector: www.inspectionresidentielmontreal.com

English translation
Pax-Action: www.pax-action.com
Prodigium: www.prodigium.ca

Get the seal

Our sharp-eyed service club is free to join – no monthly fees, only efficient service with a smile!

Any and all content that we translate, revise or write for you is certified with our “HawkEye Seal of Quality” stamp. Insist on the quality you require and get your certification stamp today!

Our clients say

“Rob and I at WhatBox called upon the services of Hawk Eye to translate our entire website into French – as a matter of urgency! Aside from our tight deadline, the challenge was to appropriately translate our “tongue and cheek” language into French without losing it’s feel or attitude.

Not only was the turnaround time remarkably impressive, the Hawk Eye crew did a stellar job of making sure our new French content is sharp as a tack. We’re very happy to spread the word – many thanks Gerard!

~ Rob and Sam at WhatBox // www.houseofwhatbox.ca