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The crux of the matter.

Your content can be translated, pampered, finalized and so forth but it must be good to start with.

We will create your content for your Website, for your flyer, for your e-mail campaign, for your speech. Your User’s Manual and your Instruction Manual will also come out solid. And they all require different techniques; with a hook and a call to action where needed.

You’ll get concise, clear-headed text or sophisticated and well-defined content or punchy stuff or… that depends on what you want. With built-in keywords when required. The content you need for that essential impact and first impression.

Send us your questions for your content writing needs or ask us for a French or English writing estimate. Our pleasure!

Our work

Here are some sites and documents you may wish to peruse that will give you an idea of what can be done. It’s the easiest way to get a good idea about results. Of course, you can already appreciate the content you are reading on this site!

French writing
Luc Vanier: www.lucvanier.ca
Colourful presentation: Freelance Intro

English writing
Snazzy flyer: Software solution
Solid brochure: Software solution

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Any and all content that we translate, revise or write for you is certified with our “HawkEye Seal of Quality” stamp. Insist on the quality you require and get your certification stamp today!