Opportunities and $$$ to be had for businesses of less than 50 employees – completing your business processes in French

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Companies employing between 5 and 49 people can obtain a grant from the Quebec government.

If you are eligible, your business can benefit from financial assistance for putting its commercial documentation, its existing public displays and its information and communication technologies in French (up to $50,000).

What are the eligible expenses?

French translation fees for software interfaces already installed on a workstation in another language than French.

Translation fees for intranet, extranet or web pages by a competent person working within the field.

Translation fees for brochures and flyers destined for the companies’ clients and promoting products or services being sold in Quebec, inasmuch as there doesn’t already exist a prior French version.

Design, manufacturing and installation costs to permanently modify the public display of the company’s name or any other commercial message on a public sign, a commercial vehicle or on a store window.

The purchase of screen-generating software enabling to turn the content of intranets, extranets and web pages into French, as well as the implementation costs.

The purchase of a standardised keyboard with pictograms or that has French writing and commands.

The replacement of software, already installed on a workstation in another language than French, by the French version of the exact same software, by a French upgrade of that software or by the French version of an equivalent software.

Costs incurred for the installation of keyboards, software and screen generators by a resource outside the company.

The purchase and implementation costs of one or many servers required for running the software that is to be put into French, up to $5,000.

The granted assistance covers up to a maximum of 75 % of eligible expenses.

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